Desktop_Organizer_Wallpapers_3240 x 2160_SlidesMania

    Powerpoint template: Customizable Desktop Organizer Wallpapers or Warm-up Slides!

    This is a different type of template. This time we are sharing customizable desktop organizer wallpapers.
    If you have a lot of shortcuts, files and apps in your desktop, these wallpapers are a lifesaver! You can place the icons inside each category so they are easy to find.
    We have included a month calendar on each slide, starting November 2019 all the way to December 2020. Also added some stickers related to the seasons.
    If you are reading us from the south hemisphere, simply change the stickers to adapt them to the seasons there.
    Everything is 100% customizable, you are free to change the background, fonts, titles, colors and even add your own stickers. Once you are done editing, download each slide as JPG for Google Slides or save the whole deck as JPG if you are working in PowerPoint, and use the images as wallpapers.
    In order to fit your screen resolution, you’ll have to check your laptop or desktop configuration and change the values on Page Setup according to it. This template is set to 3240 x 2160 px.
    I loved so much what Erin and Hannah did with the first template, that I am adding a second one.
    This time it features a cork board, push pins, pieces of paper and a polaroid frame so you can add your pictures, simply crop them to fit the frames, right click on them and send them to the back.
    As the first one, it’s 100% customizable! #bulletin board