Formal Planner for Online Lessons for Google Slides or PowerPoint

    Powerpoint template: Formal Planner for Online Lessons for Google Slides or PowerPoint

    I must admit that I have been biased by the fact that I am the mom of a nine-year-old. That is why the first
    planners for online lessons
    came up with a design for elementary teachers and young kids in mind.
    Since I would like to provide designs and solutions for all ages, I made this planner that can be used by high school teachers, university professors and even by older students that are working on their projects.
    The design is quite simple, so it may suit almost every subject. Just change the background image on the first slide and adapt the accent colors to match your topic. Remember that in order to change the accent colors, you have to go to Slide > Edit Master, click on Colors and on Choose a theme color. Accents 1 to 5 determine the “Unit” colors and Text and background 1 determines the font color of the titles.
    I’ve premade 5 templates:
    Black Template – It can be used for lessons about Law, Literature, History, Philosophy.
    Purple Template – Investigation, Research, Science, Medicine, Biology.
    Red Template – Investigation, Coronavirus, Medicine, Biology.
    Blue Template – Economy, Math, Business Administration, Geometry, Statistics.
    Green Template – Nature, Environment, Science, Biology
    Again, these are just examples. The image you use as background and the colors you use as accents will define the subject or topic of your planner.
    On the first slide, the unit bars are linked to each unit. Each unit has links to each lesson. The home icon will take you to the first slide and the arrow icon will take you to the corresponding unit.
    You can change unit numbers for titles, same goes with lesson numbers. Everything is 100% customizable. I’ve added three blocks below each lesson for you to add links to external resources. Right click on them and select link. You can also change the description of each block.