Free Digital Planner with hyperlinks for Google Slides or PowerPoint Katie

    Powerpoint template: Free Digital Planner with hyperlinks for Google Slides or PowerPoint – Updated to 2021!

    Katie is a different kind of template: this time we present a digital planner with hyperlinks for Google Slides or PowerPoint. You can also save it as PDF and use it on different mobile apps, like GoodNotes or Notability for iPad or iPhone, or you can open the PDF file on any Android device with Adobe Acrobat installed and you will be able to handwrite your appointments. *Works best with a stylus*
    Also, since this template was designed because Katie from Twitter was wondering how to create a digital planner with hyperlinks (If you are reading Katie, I named the template after you, I hope you don’t mind), I am adding a little tutorial for those who want to do the same using other templates or make one from scratch.
    First, I designed my slides (Cover, month calendars, notes, birthdays, to do, week view.)
    Once you have your design ready you can start adding the hyperlinks.
    On slide 1, insert a shape (with transparent fill and border) and copy / paste it on top of each of the planner’s tabs (where you want your hyperlinks to be).
    Then, just select each shape, right click on it, and select link. Select “Slides in this presentation” and click on the slide you want to link to the tab. Repeat this step as many times needed.
    Once you are done, select all your hyperlinked shapes, and copy / paste them on each of your slides.
    I’ve added a hyperlinked transparent shape on the left side of all my slides to get me directly to the cover.
    I hope you like it!
    Mandi Tolen
    has written a fantastic blog post with instructions for you to use Katie Digital Planner in the
    Check it out