Insert Audio in Google Slides

    Powerpoint template: Insert Audio in Google Slides – A theme for it!

    Now that we
    can all finally insert audios in our Google Slides decks, you can use this fun
    theme in your classroom.
    You can duplicate the radio slide as many times you need and change the dial position on each slide. Same goes with the iPod slides, just duplicate them and edit the text showing on them.
    Check out
    this how-to
    to add “invisible” audio files to the radio and the iPod.
    Both objects are made of shapes, so you can resize them and even change their colors. Except for the body of the iPod that is an image, and if you want to change its color you have to:
    Slides: Double click on the iPod body > Format Options > Recolor.
    Double click on the iPod body > Format Picture > Color
    Attention PowerPoint users: The numbers showing on the Radio and the word MENU on the iPod may not show correctly. To fix it, you have to edit the Master and select a smaller font size.