Medical Certificate Template

    Medical certificates are the legal documents containing health and/or disability related information of a person. A doctor must state an honest and faithful certification. A perfect medical certificate needs to be written legibly, using minimum medical terms in it, so that an ordinary person can understand it well. Doctor should clearly identify the examination date and expected period of treatment if required.

    In all types of medical certificates, it is unlawful to provide ambiguous or untrue information, deliberately or neglectfully, and such medical certificates are professionally offensive. Doctor must discuss the certificate information to the person, their guardian, or representative in order to make certain the information provided on certificate is correct. Medical certificate is usually issued only once; however request may be made for a duplicate certificate in case the original copy is lost.

    A medical certificate necessitates investigation and responsibility. Medical certificates are very important when the case managers get help from these certificates to determine a person’s eligibility for a benefit or supplementary benefits. A person should complete his/her medical certificate as soon as they become aware that they may be eligible for financial assistance from work and income.

    Medical Certificate Template

    Medical certificates are of ultimate value in many cases to get special consideration. For instance, in most universities, students having 65% attendance are permitted to write their final semester exams on producing a medical certificate, and an employee rejoins his work after long period of sick leave after submitting a medical certificate. So it provides a lot of benefits to its holder. Person should inform their employer/university that they are going to take sick or carer’s leave. It should be done as soon as possible, or it can be done when the leave starts over. It should be précised in the certificate by the doctor how long the person is expecting to off from work/university. Medical certificate are a written evidence to confirm why the person has been disappeared from work or university. It can be made for even for 1 day sick leave. Employee who gives medical certificate evidence to the employer is entitled to be paid for their leave as benefit.

    To get benefits or supplementary benefits using medical certificates, it is necessary that the certificate is authentic, not fake. To check the authenticity of medical certificate, make it certain that certificate is made only on letterhead of doctor with complete address and qualification. Date and time of issuance should be correct. Medical certificate should be made for legitimate purpose and only when necessary. It works only when it contains true, clear and definite information of a person in very clear words in accordance with the specific purpose it is issued for. Any diagnosis must not be disclosed without the person’s approval unless required by law.

    Person with fake certificate is imposed legal liability with the same punishment as giving false evidence that ranges imprisonment of 3 years and fine, or imprisonment of life. Issuing and using fake medical certificate willfully is a crime in itself. Fake changes made in original certificates deliberately to deceive are also punishable of imprisonment of 2 years and fine.