Salary Negotiation Letter after Job Offer (Word Template)

    So, you’ve landed your dream job with a great company doing what you love. There’s only one thing: The salary offered is not what you’d hoped it would be. Perhaps you’re skill and experience suggest that you deserve a larger salary. Whatever the case, if you feel as if you deserve a higher salary, then it’s time to consider writing a salary negotiation letter.

    The basic structure of a salary negotiation letter is quite simple. First, express your gratitude for being hired for this position. Next, explain your value to the company. Finally, thank the individual for taking the time to read your letter while leaving a call to action, which is your contact information. It may help if you grab some scrap paper to make notes of your skills, years of experience, and whatever else you feel will be an asset to the company.

    Sample Salary Negotiation Letter After Job Offer (with Template) - MS Word Template image