School Attendance Certificate Template

    A certificate is an official document for verification or proof that an individual has achieved the specified designation or qualification. A certificate of attendance is used in a number of ways depending on the institution or the reason for which it is being awarded. Every country, region, university or school has its own criteria for giving the certificate. Attendance certificate simply means that the person has the minimum required attendance but in some schools it is awarded to students having maximum or hundred percent attendances.

    Attending a class is the basic requirement of any institution, if a student doesn’t attends the minimum number of classes as set by the school he is not allowed to appear in exams or is not awarded the completion diploma. In some states or schools the certificate of attendance is also called certificate of completion. It is being offered in high schools so that no student is left behind.  It is for students who are unable to pass the compulsory subjects either language or math portions of 10th grade, the students are required to take the same 10th grade test over in 11th or 12th grade. If they cannot pass the subjects again they are given two options, either to drop out and repeat or take a certificate of attendance or completion certificate which is the proof that they have attended the high school. A certificate of completion or attendance certificate is not an academic credential but it is only a proof that the individual has attended the high school. Some schools don’t allow these students to participate in graduation ceremony but some schools allow them to attend the graduation ceremony like normal graduates but instead of receiving diploma they receive a certificate of attendance. A person having certificate of completion cannot go to the armed forces, college, trade school, business school and other professional institutions. Some of these students are encouraged to come back to school for a full or half year and pass the required subjects or courses to get their diploma or degree. Attendance certificates cannot be used to get admission in any program or other institute that requires a high school degree. It is not a permanent obstacle to their future, they can go back to get the degree and can apply anywhere after that.

    Attendance Certificate Template

    Some schools also award perfect attendance certificates or highest attendance certificates to students having maximum attendance to encourage them to take classes and it produces the urge in them to come to school. It also helps them get good grades by being punctual and also helps them in their professional life. Attendance certificates reflect that the person is punctual which can help him in being successful in both professional and personal life. Whereas the attendance certificate as a certificate of completion lets the student not to be left behind due to any academic reason and he can complete his high school any time during his life for pursuing in any profession later.